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Now is our time to go. To go into the world to share the good news of God and Jesus Christ. To go into the world and help to be agents and instruments of God’s reconciliation. To go into the world, let the world know that there is a God who loves us, a God who will not let us go, and that that love can set us all free.
Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

Is God calling you to go out into the world to “seek and serve Christ in all persons?” To meet neighbors you never knew you had? If so, the Saint Raphael’s Mission Committee may be for you.

Working with local partners, the Mission Committee is devoted to serving those in need beyond our church walls. Members of this committee make community needs known to the congregation and recruit volunteers for various outreach efforts such as delivering food, donating food and other necessities to local organizations, and collaborating with local outreach agencies.

Our church building is also used by many community groups, including those focused on recovery.

If you’re interested in being a part of this Committee, please reach out to the Mission Committee Chair or email [email protected].

We are pleased to support these organizations:
  • BUILD – Building a United Interfaith Lexington through Direct action
  • The Well
  • AVOL
  • God’s Pantry Food Bank
  • James Lane Allen Elementary School
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