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A Case for Love documentary Bishop Curry

Documentary A Case for Love comes to Lexington January 23 2024

Our country is currently experiencing unprecedented levels of division, with many individuals retreating into tribalistic perspectives and adopting an “us versus them” mindset. Is it possible to turn this tidal wave of ill will around? Episcopal Bishop Michael Curry, renowned for his stirring sermon on “The Power of Love” at the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, has long taught about the power of love over hate. He serves as the inspiration for the documentary “A CASE FOR LOVE.” This feature-length film delves into the pivotal question of whether unselfish love holds the key to addressing the profound societal and political rifts confronting our world.

The documentary film crew traveled across the United States as they sought out individuals leading selfless lives. Through interviews, these individuals share insights into how their altruistic way of living impacts both themselves and others. Random street interviews further explore where people have witnessed unselfish love and its conspicuous absence. Renowned figures such as Pete Buttigieg, Al Roker, Sam Waterston, John Danforth, Becca Stevens, Jon Meacham, Russell Moore, Kelly Brown Douglas, and Jim Clyburn also contribute their perspectives on the matter. Bishop Michael Curry then weaves together all the narratives, providing context to the broader picture.

The documentary delves into a variety of subjects, including Racial Justice, Sexual Identity, Military Service, Foster Care, Politics, Sexual Trafficking, Disability, Loss of Loved Ones, Refugees, Volunteering, Food Justice, and more.

Does unselfish love serve as the antidote to our societal ailments? See “A Case for Love” on January 23, 2024, and form your own conclusions. A limited number of ticket scholarships are available for those who need assistance. Contact the church office.

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