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Join us for in-person services.


It will be wonderful to be able to worship together safely again without a thought about spreading Covid-19. We aren’t there yet. We are in a time of flux as new variants of the virus emerge and CDC recommendations evolve to manage the public health impacts.

Currently we are asking the congregation to wear masks to help moderate the potential spread from asymptomatic persons, including vaccinated persons, to the unvaccinated, including children.

At this time the numbers attending aren’t near the recommended capacity limitations for our services so we are not currently requiring pre-registration.

Our in-person services include both bread and wine, distributed in single-serving glassware. Special services may be modified.

Recorded services will continue to be offered online so that those who are unwell or feel uncomfortable with attending in-person may view at home.

As more are vaccinated and we emerge from the pandemic, it will be safer to attend group events. You are encouraged to come to church to worship. Though we have made do with virtual worship during this time, the on-line experience doesn’t match coming together as the body of Christ for communal services. It will take courage and commitment from all of us to make church back into the warm, welcoming, and spiritually renewing place that it was pre-Covid.

Indoor Services (Nave seating)

Each person attending should please bring their own mask and wear it, covering nose and mouth, as per current public health guidelines. Masks will not be provided.

There is limited seating available to keep household groups distanced. Please observe signage in pews.

Please arrive early to allow for parking behind the church for the able and special parking in front reserved for the physically unable.


A Summary of Diocesan Guidelines

  1. “’Love the Lord your God… Love your neighbor as yourself.” There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:30-31 This is our starting place. It is vital that our decisions demonstrate our love of God and family, friend, and neighbor in Christ Jesus.
  2. In this chaotic and volatile time, the key question is not when but how we continue to be the Church. Our new understanding that the ‘church has left the building’ frees us to respond to the Holy Spirit in new and creative ways as we join in with God’s Mission to put the world right again.
  3. The dispensation from the obligation to attend Holy Eucharist on Sundays and Holy Days continues until further notice. Anyone who is sick or living with someone who is sick should stay home, as should anyone who is vulnerable for other reasons (such as underlying health conditions and age, as per CDC guidelines). Faith Communities offering live streamed and recorded worship should continue to do so and should communicate those options for those who cannot be physically present. For Faith Communities unable to offer services online, please direct parishioners to the listing of services at
  4. After submitting a plan to Mission House that has been collegially reviewed by peers and consented to by our Bishop, Faith Communities may once again have public gatherings for weekday services, pastoral services, and Sunday services – so long as health and diocesan guidelines presented in this document are followed. Please remember that if infections increase, you will need to return to an earlier phase.
  5. Permission is granted to hold outdoor services or drive-in parking lot services on your property. Faith Communities able to do so are strongly encouraged to consider this option, weather permitting. Physical distancing also applies to these events. Do not provide drive- through services to receive Holy Communion, nor send the sacrament through the mail.
  6. Further guidance will be provided about the process for receptions and confirmations.
  7. Use discretion in resuming visits to the sick and home-bound and in the distribution of Holy Communion to these individuals. Policies in place at hospitals and other facilities are to be followed at all times.
  8. Continue to utilize virtual meeting technology. If in-person meetings are deemed essential, follow the health guidelines provided.

At this time the numbers attending aren’t near the recommended capacity limitations for our services so we are not currently requiring pre-registration.

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