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Mother's Day Brunch

Mother’s Day Brunch at St. Raphael’s

On Mother’s Day, May 14 at 9:30 am let’s gather for brunch! Plan to stay late or arrive early for fellowship. Please bring a breakfast item to share. Muffins, quiche, bagels, fruit… sounds delicious! Can’t wait to welcome you, celebrate mothers, and enjoy each other’s company.

Rev. Helen is going to be a grandma! At the Mother’s Day brunch we will also be showering Rev. Helen with gifts for her new grandchild. Her son and daughter-in-law live in London and she can’t take very much with her when she travels to visit them at the end of May. Because of that you might want to select a gift or contribute to a group gift from the registry (link below).

Baby gift registry
Here’s the link to the baby gift registry for Rev. Helen’s son and daughter-in-law:
There are gifts on the list at a variety of price points and you can order online to be delivered to their home in London. There are also a few cash fund items on the registry to which you could contribute any amount you’d like.


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